I had a psychic reading with Greta and what she told me was truly inspirational and made me look at things in a whole new way. I love her kind, compassionate, fun and no-nonsense approach. She has a talent for making the most serious subject light and you can actually laugh throughout discussing it without her taking away any of the depth of her valuable insight and information she relays.
Greta is as gifted in receiving messages for you as she is presenting them and communicating them clearly and understandably. Her suggestions of steps to take are easy to follow and lack all pretence and woo-woo attitude. Her words are not only uplifting, but empowering. You come out feeling like you are the master of your own life and not a victim of circumstance or the moods of other people.
I feel blessed to have had the great fortune to speak with Greta in such a personal and in-depth way and I don’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is seeking to find a way to live his or her life in a self-governed, empowered and pro-creative way.

Tirza Schaefer – Spiritual Writer

Greta has a special gift to spread warmth and happiness to everyone around her. The times that we have met, she has lifted my spirits and helped me to be mindful of my self in ways which I had previously not considered. The tarot reading she did for me was enlightening and left me with a positive sense of the future and what I need to do to reach there.

Ciera Crowell

Greta has an admirable gift of getting – in a pleasant manner – as far as one’s subconscious tangle with her cards and disentangle some points where it has become sclerotic. By doing so, she helps one reflecting upon one’s status quo and identifying strategies for how to make one’s way out of a muddled situation or simply reach one’s objectives. Strong recommendation.

Marc Waldhausen

Greta did an amazing job. She really connected with my energy and told me things that she couldn’t have known. Simply amazing. A powerful little lady. Get a reading from her- you shall not be disappointed!

Kim Rigby