Full in depth psychic readings to dig out and remove as many limiting patterns are £250 for an hour. We look into your life path, your soul’s destiny, your gifts, your relationships, your financial situation and then find the patterns which are causing any blocks in all of these aspects. If there’s time within that hour, I also give you knowledge on how to spot these patterns for yourself, in between sessions. You leave your session equipped with more tools to take away and continue the work on yourself- whatever feels appropriate for your current situation.

My gifts are some of the deepest, clearest and most rapid out there. When you mention a feeling or thought pattern in a relationship, I get shown immediately which member of your family, or situation in your past, this is related to and where it stems from. It’s then up to you, to meditate, release and write deeply to transform that pattern into something positive and new.

I’m also trained in Family Constellations Therapy, which we can use following your psychic reading, to move and shift your internal situation, which is creating the world around you. Family Constellations Therapy is spotting the dynamics created within your family, during childhood, which are affecting your mindset and ability in life to manifest the life you really want and process your emotions in the way you really want to. We move your position in your family to one of more inner power and trust and enable your inner child to be free from any guilt, responsibility, frustration and more. I act as a channel, during the session, to allow the healing energy to come through to your situation and make a change. It’s a mixture of psychology and magic, as the energy shifts enable a huge change in your very psychology within a week or so of the healing process. It’s extremely powerful and I needed just one session on myself to change a pattern that had been affecting me for approximately fifteen years. The price for the Family Constellation session is £200 and there is no time limit on how long it takes to find the pattern which needs changing, as you’re the one looking for it.

‘Often people who seek Family Constellations had already done a lot of personal work and are seeking a deeper more effective approach. They know that the dynamics that are in operation are deeper than they can access themselves through reflection or determination and are seeking another way that is more effective. To do this there is a need to go outside the box.’

Appointments can be carried out in person, or via Skype or another suitable form of online calling.

To make an appointment or to enquire about these services, email me at and I’ll get back to you within two working days.