The solution to everything already exists.

It’s just up to us to take you there.

The way my readings work is that I look into your energy to find the right solution to your situation and present it to you. Then we dig deep into your psyche to look at restrictions and blocks you may be placing on yourself to receiving that solution into your life. I help you to truly understand and accept yourself for exactly who you are and where you’re at. My readings are given in the purest space of love we can reach in this reality; judgement and blame free. I enjoy helping you to understand yourself in the deepest space we can reach together and I show you a mirror of who you really are, which is always something wonderful to be embraced. I help you understand yourself, your true needs and your inner most wants at a level which is almost impossible to reach on your own. (I know this because I regularly seek out some of the top level psychics myself, whenever I reach a stumbling block). Most importantly, despite the world constantly giving you contradictions to your true self, at every corner, I help you to accept that it’s a wonderful thing to have unique, specific wants, needs, desires and inner truths to be expressed.

We can start with any topic to be explored- relationships, financial situations, friendships, work, creating purpose, business, family, health – and dive into how magnificently and creatively it takes us to your true core, waiting to be expressed.


We are complex and magnificent works of art, waiting to see where that magnificence starts from

Current Prices

30 minutes of typing online – $60.
One hour phone call or Skype session – $120.
One hour of working together in person- $180, plus travel.
There’s ALWAYS a special offer going on. I am currently offering new, old and would-be business owners an hour of remote psychic guidance, tailored around their business growth for $30 an hour.

Please note, all time frames are estimates depending on the intensity of the energy and information which needs to come through from the spirit world. Sometimes, they guide me to speak for longer, for a heart activation to come through, and at other times, they advise me to cut things off earlier, to prevent information overload, as the energy which comes through me is very powerful and I have been training for a long time to be able to act as a spiritual conduit for others to receive it. If you wish to be exposed to that energy on a regular basis, in a controlled way, you can receive it through my transmuted written work here, for a small monetary donation.


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Terms and Conditions Which You Agree to By Submitting Your Inquiry

Unless otherwise stated on this page, I will get back to all inquiries, with information on my time slots available which match yours, your payment options and the options of online platforms for communicating on, within two working days. I am flexible and will work around you and keep all of your information and records completely private and confidential, with the understanding that the exchange is two way and I expect the same confidentiality for any information about my spiritual methods and abilities, I may disclose within a reading. Any scripts of a reading must not be shared with others. Readings are not permitted to be recorded. I do not use the reading time or booking form to answer questions about my gifts, abilities or spiritual history. The time is there for you to receive what you need to for your own unique situation. If you are inquiring about exploring your own gifts, I will focus entirely on you and the opening of your gifts, as every situation is unique and personal, and yours will most likely be different from my experience. If you would like further information about me, as a person and psychic, you can follow my blog here.