What to do

I want to jump up and down I want to straighten my hair I want to unglue myself from this seat I want to go and ride the bus and go on an adventure of love I want to write a book I want to cook the biggest dinner in the world I want to … Continue reading What to do

I’m Stuck

I'm officially stuck. How The Queen has her official birthday, which is the public celebration of the birthday which already happened, is the same way in which I am officially stuck. I've been stuck for ages, but I am only just announcing this now. I literally have this severe problem where I cannot do things. … Continue reading I’m Stuck


"There's nothing wrong with you, my dear." "Yes, but I looked at this aspect that happened in my life and I analysed it this way and it looks like I am feeling unhappy because of this" "There's nothing wrong with you, my dear." "But all my friends have problems and things to work on on … Continue reading Umbrella