Cryptic Pregnancy Support

This is such a deep topic as it breaks through all the limits of everything we’ve ever been taught throughout our lives. Such is the depth and secretiveness of this topic from the general human consciousness, that it takes a great enormity out of me (being a general human, with a slightly higher than average spiritual awareness) to write about this and break past my own personal, integrated belief system. Therefore, what I may share on here to begin with, may be brief, as I stop to collect my breath and adjust my mind to the fact that one is not going crazy, and force those thoughts to allow themselves to be changed. Spiritual awakening is exhausting, as it takes a lot of mind power, to shift the way our thoughts have been directed, our entire lives. Cryptic pregnancy is a HUGE way to spiritually awaken, so if it’s happening to you, see it as a very direct and simple (simple in that you only have to focus on one topic and have an intimate group of people with which to share your ) way of awakening and shifting those thoughts into a higher consciousness. See it as a gift. A special, exclusive level in this school of discovery that we call ‘life’. An opening into awareness of a whole limitless world of unknown truth- truth of being able to change one’s perception on absolutely everything. The most important rule you need right now, is DO NOT TRY TO CONVINCE OTHERS OF YOUR TRUTH IF THEY ARE NOT OPEN TO HEARING IT. This is YOUR journey. This is for YOU to open up to a greater truth. This isn’t for you to convince anyone that you are pregnant. This is for you to open your mind and heart to something beyond everything you have ever experienced. To open you up to pure unconditional love and compassion for your fellow human beings. To be so sure in your own truth- the truth that anything could be possible, that anything could lie beneath the surface of what is taught and instilled from childhood. To try to convince others of your truth, is stealing your own experience from yourself, is robbing yourself of your own inner comfort and quiet peace in the discovery of something spectacular.


Don’t forget to rest as you awaken…

What Is Cryptic Pregnancy?

Cryptic Pregnancy is any pregnancy which doesn’t follow the ‘normal’ rules of pregnancy and leaves the woman and those around her perplexed as to how this pregnancy could be developing in such a way, because she was conditioned to believe that there was only one way for pregnancy to develop.

The fear, stress and confusion comes from feeling as though something is mentally wrong with her, for having an experience different from what she was taught she would experience with pregnancy.

Relief of that pattern of thought of being ‘crazy’ comes from finding (and being validated by) other women experiencing the same diversity with their pregnancies, usually through one or more of the many cryptic pregnancy Facebook groups.

Others around her reflect back her fears and tell her that she is not pregnant because she does not have the confidence in her own intuition and inner knowing, to confidently state the truth and not be influenced by other people’s belief systems.