A Grumpy Mum

Dads are geniuses when it comes to raising a family, apparently. They already know what they are doing. Mums, however, need a lot of guidance in the form of online articles, health visitors, special mum groups and everyone under the sun questionning you on what else you might be doing wrong or might not have … Continue reading A Grumpy Mum

It was going so well. I was ahead with all of my chores and my mind was on task. I had finally found my mum life routine- I had figured out how to fit in all of the things I needed to do for myself, around Esme's rhythm... ...and then she decided for the first … Continue reading

A Solid Stream

Lately I have been wishing that I had someone who would just sit and listen to me talk for about eight to ten solid days. But I don't have that right now and with a baby on the way and wanting to feel at my very best for that moment, time is of the essence, … Continue reading A Solid Stream


This is a quick little lesson on manifesting which I learned this evening. I think there is so much more to manifesting than the 'Think positive and just visualise it' blogs explain to you. I mean, with how complex and deep our minds and the way the world works, it would be conceited for us … Continue reading Manifesting