Making Out of the Mayhem

Wanting a better 2021 than 2019 inspires me to keep going. Sometimes I just want to lay down and stop, to make it easier on myself, but then I remember the extra effort that 31 year old Greta will have to make, and I figure that Greta of today can take that load for her.

I didn’t have the perfect world for my newborn to come into, but I can work today to make sure that my five year old daughter has a wonderful five year old’s world, or that any newborns of the future have a much easier ride with me.

At times when I look around my half decorated house I think, “What’s the point, all of this is going on forever, I’m better off enjoying today?”, but then I will look at some videos of other people’s efforts and transformations and I realise that the effort is so worth it, and I get back up. I might not get everything that I want, completed, in the time I would have pre-baby, but however slowly the progress is going (in contrast to the speed at which I spin around to attain the goal of completing those minuscule tasks), I can look forward to 2021 and know it’s going to be pretty lovely. It’s like having a holiday to look forward to.

What helps: exercise, writing, having a clear plan, talking to people, having therapy through it, going for walks, letting go of the washing up sometimes.

Better things are coming- watch this space.20200515_143556