A Crisis of Crumpets

I ate nothing but crumpets for three days and now I have a cold. I mean I did eat other things too but it feels as though I ate nothing but crumpets because I ate six one day and some more the next.

It might not seem that extreme but when you’ve been priding yourself on your ability to eat only healthy foods with no added sugar in absolutely anything and then you slip up like that- well it’s like game over- you might as well say hello to foot cancer that very evening.

Welcome to baby mum life. Where the ease of convenience and comfort for a few days which leads to a sick day in bed, is worth it to get through the busy times.

As I was popping more crumpets into the toaster and craving the mouthful I was still digesting, I knew that the downhill health slide was inevitable. But I know that I will do it again, and probably my body will adjust to the slightly harsh impact of that processed goodness. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it wonderful? Is it wonderfully all three and more, all at once?

Perhaps it is only my pride which is making me feel so sniffly.

I’ve heard everything lately- that eating what makes you happy is healthier for you than trying to stay healthy, that as long as you have gallons of water with that double whopper quarter pounder and cheese with curly fries on top you will be fine, that you should avoid spinach if you are breastfeeding(?), that you can never eat anything with sugar in it or that makes you a drug addict, that your baby will get to taste everything you eat through your milk, that your baby doesn’t get anything you eat and your body processes it all to only give her (or him) the goodness. AND the rest.

I think the taste thing for the baby might be partially true, because I have gone off really strong flavors and sauces since I gave birth. But I will probably ease off a bit on myself on needing everything which goes through my stomach to be nutrient perfect for her. I don’t have a reference for you or anything to see for yourself whether or not this is the right way to go. If you have stumbled upon this place looking for baby diet wisdom then laugh out loud, good one. I’m as lost as everyone else on the internet, I just make it a little more obvious, and then I go and ask the baby for her opinion on which mouthful to take. At least once I start feeding her solids there will be a smaller stomach to feed and it will be a lot easier to make sure she gets all the veggies and proteins and fruits that she needs- even if I can’t do it for myself right now!

As I was just writing that last sentence, someone offered me some micowaved popcorn and I nearly jumped with excitement and said “Yes, please.”

I think that sums it up nicely.