A Slightly More Organized Stream

An extremely overweight American shouted out to me “Wow you’ve gotten BIG!” and I very quickly caught myself to not say “Almost as big as you now.”

And then I wondered why I put up with so many people just imposing questions on me about my life (all the boring bits of my life, I could tell them some great stuff about the really good show I watched today and the technicalities of the Ebay system I’ve been developing, which I would love to share with anyone willing to listen).

And now I am wondering why we create friendships which go in such a way- with all the questions about all the mundane things of life since we last spoke. It makes me want to do a sponsored silence again, to not have to divulge or be included in it, in any way.

EVERYONE wants to know when my baby is due, even strangers. I’m just so relieved that I am not famous. I should just tell them my last period was xxx and let them figure out the maths for themselves, whilst I make my hasty retreat. (My last period was a year ago, so that would really spice things up).

I even ignored my own mother when she asked me if I had thought of any names yet. I mean it’s so weird having so many people wanting to know the goings on of your simple decision making skills, ALL the time. I need to get wittier and start coming up with some more sarcastic responses, to keep the lunacy at bay. But you can’t be mean to your own mum, and she is the type to believe me if I told her I was hoping for a girl so I can call her Fred.