Positive Things

They put a man on the moon (or did a really good job of making it look that way).

No matter what the season, temperature or precipitation level outside, almost everyone in the world can find and smell fresh flowers if they wish to.

Drinking as close to as much water one can absorb without drowning oneself, can substantially, if not completely, make anything feel better.

Books- every single thing you want to learn, discover or enjoy is available in a book and you can find almost anything you want for free- either ordered at your local library or via the internet.

At every opportunity, if you want to improve your life in any form, you can find the book or information you need to do so.

The sun is always shining, even if you can’t see it. If you regularly can’t see it and this disappoints you, you can use above mentioned books to find out a way to improve your life so that you can regularly visit or relocate to a place where you can see it.

If you are bored or lonely and you are (for some reason unknown) trapped in a room with access to zero resources, you can find joy in counting the marks, freckles, hairs or pores on your skin; playing a blinking game with the eyelids you have been given; wriggling your nose up and down a certain number of times within a certain time frame; training your muscles to be able to flex your ears up and down, or even teach yourself basic gymnastics.

No matter where, who or what you are in this very given moment, there is always an opportunity to set yourself a goal and attempt to achieve it.

Regardless of how it comes out, nearly all humans are able to sing, hum or whistle at any moment in time.

You can tap different parts of your body, the furniture, walls, trees, anything to make different sounds, which means that you my friend, are a musician.

You have the ability to make yourself laugh at any given moment, even if you don’t find anything funny.

You didn’t die yesterday, which means that you are really amazing at being the you you were meant to be.