This is a quick little lesson on manifesting which I learned this evening.

I think there is so much more to manifesting than the ‘Think positive and just visualise it’ blogs explain to you. I mean, with how complex and deep our minds and the way the world works, it would be conceited for us to believe that the manifesting part was created so linearly without any depth or learning to it. There’s usually a block to be figured out before something can come into our lives. Some part of us which isn’t listening to a higher power and then there are things which come to us which we manifest to teach ourselves something. Something we need and create for ourselves without conscious intention. Because if we had a conscious choice we wouldn’t always manifest those things which challenge us into becoming better people.

The lesson I learned tonight came through an out of date coconut juice.

All of my water bottles disappeared and I wanted to quickly manifest a new one for free. A few hours later I went to get food from the canteen of the place where I live. They were giving out coconut juices with dinner. When I sat down outside to eat my dinner and drink my juice, the coconut water tasted very very off. A while later my friend came along and confirmed that her juice was stale as well.

I went inside the building and went to scrape my plate into the bin and wondered what to do with the still full bottle of coconut juice as I don’t like wasting anything. I was disappointed as I had been excited to drink the coconut juice. So excited about the juice that I hadn’t noticed the importance of the bottle. Then it dawned on me that I was being given the bottle which I had requested a few hours before. But I had been distracted by the contents, which tasted sour. I realised there was a huge message in the way the bottle came to me. It was about getting what I had asked for but it may have sour contents, but you can throw away the contents and fill it with whatever you wish. I realised it was all about the place where I live! I had manifested exactly what I wanted here but I had been feeling so unsatisfied and as though I needed to manifest a new place to live because of some of the attitudes of the people living here. I felt that what I wanted STILL hadn’t come to me and I was feeling very very unhappy and ungrateful. But the bottle was telling me something very different. The bottle was telling me that this place was formed to hold exactly what I wanted it to. It is exactly what I asked for- a safe, clean, comfortable and enjoyable place to live with all the resources which I had needed to grow my own self employment ventures and art. Now it’s up to me to fill it with whatever pure substance I wish for. I already manifested a new friend to move in here with a really good attitude and if I focus on the good and keeping asking for more good to fill this place up, my experience will change into something filled with complete purity. I don’t have to drink the nasty taste at all- it doesn’t have to be a part of my world. So manifesting something wont come without challenges, but once you see that you have received what you asked for, in every moment, you’ll realise how easy it is and how you have been doing it all along!