Silence is Pure

I just came out of a five day silence.

I would thoroughly recommend a period of no speaking or texting to absolutely everyone I know. Not because you annoy me with your speaking, but because you really do see clearly a lot more truth about everything and you figure out how to master your problems in a very short space of time.

Talking feels like work. Being silent feels refreshing and energising. Now there is a time when I feel I need to speak and that is to clarify a few things with people who didn’t quite catch the extent of my charades conversations, and that is why I broke the silence this evening (almost as if to catch up with my own revelations and the few people I wanted to share them with), but apart from that, the silence of myself has been golden.

It’s not because of being silent that I had time to think through my problems to find the solution. Not at all. More that I completely stopped thinking about the problems because I wasn’t speaking and exercising my voice and so I wasn’t preparing myself to be asked about my issues and having the solution all mapped out for my conversation. So in not thinking about a thing, I created space for myself to just do and be and let the right action come about in almost every moment. Until enough unconsciously right actions had taken place for me to be slaying those issues away.

If you’re not quite sure of what I am saying- go quiet for a while and allow the answer formulate itself in your mind.