How to Get Out of Karmic Cycles

Karmic cycles

I want you to read this over and over until it really sinks in. Come back to it, whenever you have any doubt. Your soul will know, if this resonates with you or not.

I just got talking to a man with a parrot who led me to a person I needed to see. I needed to see him because the last time I saw him I got pulled into his drama and believed that it was real or in any way relevant to my life’s growth.

The best way I can describe karmic cycles is going through a huge merri-go-round, again and again and again, until you learn to not get caught into other peoples’ illusions. Until you learn to only talk about the present and the future. And to just use the past as stories for examples. Being caught in the past and talking about the past are two very different things.

We can tell a great story about the past. We can share a part of ourselves through referencing an event in the past. But those bits in the past which we are still caught in, the bits where they remove us from the very present moment and take our minds back there, they’re the bits we need to learn to move ourselves out of.

Being present isn’t only about making really good eye contact and not letting those little thoughts slip into your mind. Being present is about focusing on your words and making sure you stay in the moment. Focusing on the way you interact with others. So that the present CAN become what it is. It’s a conscious effort to stay in the present. But let me explain something about a conscious effort. Because the word conscious effort is thrown around so loosely, where people believe that just because you are thinking and using your mind and telling yourself to be conscious, that you are conscious. That is not what conscious means at all. Conscious means playing the game of life. Conscious means being aware of all the moves. Conscious means knowing what is going on and why. Conscious means knowing why you’re having a conversation with someone you just bumped into on the street and knowing how to steer it, in order to keep yourself alive and awake. When I say alive, I mean living life to your very fullest. Conscious is about manoeuvring and steering yourself to keep yourself awake, and waking yourself up, little by little.

Conscious is about being aware that every single person you meet will be under some kind of illusion, and that everything they say will have some element of the illusion to it, so to navigate yourself around those words, in order that you don’t get steered in, is crucial. You cannot pretend. There’s no cheating yourself into spiritual awakening. You can’t just go along with what the person is saying and ‘play along’ or play a role. Because you WILL automatically get pulled in.

There’s rules to being conscious. There’s little tricks you have to learn and things to look out for, that you may catch yourself doing. Going along with the lie. Getting pulled into the pretend, without even realising.

The first and most important rule which I can think of is *never ever argue*. The moment you start arguing, you are pulled into the illusion. If you’re trying to convince someone that something isn’t true, that means that you’re convincing yourself that something isn’t true and that you don’t really mean it or believe in it either, and at the same time, you’re buying into their falseness by even acknowledging that such a thought of belief exists in your world. The only way you can contribute towards someone else’s awakening is to be so awake that you just lead by example. Never go into the person’s thought path. Always walk far away from it and it’s up to them if they see your bright sparkle and follow your truth.

So for example, if you really can’t think of a response which doesn’t involve criticism, arguing or being pulled into the story, you can just smile or laugh really hard at their illusion, because it’s not real and it’s funny and they’re playing a role in the carnival of life. Just appreciate their existence by laughing and smiling so hard at their nonsense. “But that’s hard!” I hear you cry. “What if they think I’m weird.  What if they won’t be my friend any more. What if they get upset? What if they SAY something which makes me feel uncomfortable about myself?” That’s the faith. Complete knowing in your upmost safety, no matter what. And the discomfort is just the feeling of hearing an untruth. Don’t ever cheat yourself by saying “That’s nice that you think that way.” or “I’m sorry you feel that way”, because that is also acknowledging that there’s something behind what they believe, and will only have you doubting or justifying yourself to yourself.

This is the number one rule of loving yourself. Only worrying about your own awakening process. You can’t get anyone out. You can only get yourself out. You can’t affect anyone else’s, negatively. Don’t worry about making a person who seems quite awake, less awake with your responses. Their only responsibility is how they react to you. You getting you out, won’t ever prevent them from getting out. You walking away from a person, won’t ever stop them from awakening.

You don’t need to take a confidence course to feel more confident. The confidence is already there.

You don’t need to take a self love course to feel more self love- the self love is already there. It’s just whether you choose to participate in it or not.

You know everything and at the same time you know nothing.

You have forgotten everything. You see, you know it all and you’re already fully connected to source and your creator. So don’t believe anything you believe. Because once you know, you will KNOW you know. Because you will simply be there in it.

Imagine all your true knowledge has been smudged out by a huge black pencil.

But you can rub all of the stains out.

The first step to awakening is accepting that you’re still asleep.

The way to reply to “Are you’re hungry or did you eat something?”

Well, acknowledging the second part will keep you in the past. So reply “I’m hungry/not hungry.” and if they persist “Did you eat something?” again “I’m hungry/not hungry”. Repeat and repeat until they get the message. Once they got the message, it means you got the message too. There’s no longer that tiny bit of illusion for their illusion to cling to. If you respond with “I ate/did not eat something”, you’re keeping the story alive for yourself. Whether you remember eating something or not, does not matter. What matters is right now and if you would like to eat something. That’s how you stay in your manifesting power, and keep that ability alive. Even though you think it doesn’t matter because the food is already being offered and you’d think you don’t need to manifest the food, just remember you already manifested where you are now, so if you focus on where you were before, it will only have you recreating that same moment, over and over, and the only way to move forwards, is to stay so present and be manifesting at all times, even when you think you’re not manifesting. That tiny little request of what you would like, is so important in all of it.

Also, there’s no such thing as ego. There’s just the part which is asleep. But it’s not really a part. You can never call it a part of you. It’s just a veil in front of you which you are interpreting life through. It doesn’t actually touch you, it’s not actually inside of you. Only you are inside of you. But how you react to the veil, makes you believe you have an ego. But there’s only ever you making the decision to react. That’s why there’s no wrong decision either. Because you were only reacting based on what you thought you could see through the veil. So you were reacting perfectly to your world. Lifting the veil changes the world you live in, and so your reactions and actions change. That’s why you can never be angry at someone for being under the veil once you have lifted yourself out of it, because you can see that they are reacting to their veil and inside of their world.

That’s when you step into love. Which is precisely what you could see, outside of the veil. That’s why you can never feel guilt for something or anger towards yourself. Because you only ever did what you were meant to do depending on how much illusion you were under. What else could you do? If life told you something was like this and these are the rules and you followed the rules? What have you done wrong? That’s why there’s no such thing as guilt. Because you can’t chip away at it, or ‘kill it’, you can only step out from underneath it. The veil will have you trying to kill something because you’ll be looking and looking at this thing through the veil and you’ll see the veil with the part saying ‘kill it’ and you’ll be punching and punching at your own soul through the veil. All you can do is stop playing the game, to lift the veil, little by little.

One way to imagine it is to see almost everyone you meet as that drunk guy at the party trying to pull you into all the things they think are important to tell you, and you say “Awwwwwww” and watch over them to make sure they don’t fall over their own feet, but you know they’re totally okay because their soul is the one really and truly in charge.

Accept exactly where you’re at before you try to change it.

And remember, when in doubt, just laugh like a hyena.


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