“There’s nothing wrong with you, my dear.”

“Yes, but I looked at this aspect that happened in my life and I analysed it this way and it looks like I am feeling unhappy because of this”

“There’s nothing wrong with you, my dear.”

“But all my friends have problems and things to work on on themselves, I can’t be the only one without problems.”

“There’s nothing wrong with your friends, my dear.”

“When we will all be fixed and healed and ready for what we deserve in life?”

“There’s nothing wrong with you, my dear.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You do understand. There’s nothing wrong with you, my dear.”


“You’re under a false belief system. You’re absolutely fine. Just move from underneath that umbrella you’re standing under and you’ll see it.”

“But what about all the therapists and the tried and tested methods that have been around for years?”

“They’re under it too.”

“How do I fix it?”

“There’s nothing in this world which needs fixing, you just have to move slightly to one side and you’ll feel better.”

“Do I need to do yoga? All of my healthy friends do yoga.”

“You don’t need to do anything. There’s nothing wrong with you.”

“I don’t feel so good.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you my dear.”

“But why do I feel so sick and dizzy all the time?”

“Motion sickness.”

“Motion sickness?”

“Yes, you’re moving closer and closer to geting out from under that umbrella and then you get back under it for safety. You’re jiggling your mind around so much it is making you feel sick to ask you to stop.”

“Stop where?”

“Stop wherever you like.”

“And do what?”

“Do nothing.”

“If I get out of that umbrella, I will be alone on the other side.”

“There’s no such thing as lonliness on the other side.”

“How do I get my friends to join me?”

“You know how, you’ve been on the other side of the umbrella before. You’re only under here because you went back in to try to get them out.”

“I can’t remember, please tell me.”

“That’s the thing about the umbrella. You’re on the other side and you think you’re safe enough to go back under because of everything you know and feel outside of it, but as soon as you get under the shade of the umbrella you can’t see what you know again.”

“So what do I do?”

“Do you remember those times you were outside of the umbrella?”

“Yes, yes I do. I was so happy and dancing on my own all over the city, and there was magic everywhere.”

“Do you remember what knowledge you had over there?”

“No, I don’t remember anything. I only remember what the world around me looked like.”

“Do you remember why you went back under the umbrella?”

“It was to try to get someone I loved out. It pained me so much when I saw that they were under the umbrella.”

“It pained you because you were fresh out of the umbrella. You were hurting for yourself.”

“So now I am stuck under the umbrella with everyone else and I can’t get them to come with me out.”

“You’re not under the umbrella with everyone else.”


“You only under your own umbrella.”

“Where did I find that umbrella?”

“You were still carrying that umbrella with you when you got out, because you thought you might need it again to protect you from your own tears. But rain gets rid of the pain you gained from carrying that umbrella around for so long.”

“What do I do when I get out of my umbrella?”

“You burn the umbrella and you cry and you let the rain pour all over you.”

“And what if my loved ones get me back into their umbrella?”

“It’s impossible to go under another person’s umbrella. You can see them but they’re holding them so close to their head that there’s no room for two.”

“Thank you for making me feel better.”

“There was never anything wrong with you, my dear.”


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