Morning Naps

Lockdown wasn't messing around. You are all now my only friends. Have you ever jumped into the unknown, without looking back? I've done it many a time, but I always end up grabbing onto the cliff, on my way down, and climbing back up again. This time I'm going to keep on freefalling. Wish me … Continue reading Morning Naps

Sit Down and Enjoy

I feel that I owe myself. For all the years of trying to escape tricky situations, I feel that I deserve some enjoyment. But with the world being as it is, and me not enjoying the blustery weather a d landscape of where I live in the UK, that true enjoyment may have to wait. … Continue reading Sit Down and Enjoy

Starting Again

Starting again in a new place is quite enlightening but also with its bumps. I wish the neighbour upstairs would stop screaming at her kids. It makes me want to scream at her, but I know that screaming back is never the answer. I wish it was easy to walk away and we could just … Continue reading Starting Again

A Grumpy Mum

Dads are geniuses when it comes to raising a family, apparently. They already know what they are doing. Mums, however, need a lot of guidance in the form of online articles, health visitors, special mum groups and everyone under the sun questionning you on what else you might be doing wrong or might not have … Continue reading A Grumpy Mum

It was going so well. I was ahead with all of my chores and my mind was on task. I had finally found my mum life routine- I had figured out how to fit in all of the things I needed to do for myself, around Esme's rhythm... ...and then she decided for the first … Continue reading