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Each week I connect with source energy to become aware of the themes being played out on a worldwide scale, in each and every single one of our lives.

Themes being played out this week are a huge awareness of the false, clearly seeing our inner truths, walking away from what does not serve and being aware of our own individual deeper qualities.

Week Beginning 24th October, 2016:

We live in a world which contains many false beliefs and systems which each and every one of us has to face, in one way or another, whether we’re a part of them or not. Our awareness of them creates conflict inside of us, as head and heart fight it out to find what is true and right for us- whilst at the same time wanting to stay loyal and close to our friends, families and colleagues.

There’s a nerve-wracking fear of walking away, because we don’t know whether there will be anyone on the other side with us. We all have that long drawn out moment, in every decision we have to make, where we wonder if we are doing the right thing or not. We want to go with our heart, but we’ve heard so many conflicting voices, that we wonder which one is heart, which one is head and which one is fear. We haven’t been taught how to listen to our heart, to really trust that we know what the heart sounds like.

This week, situations are being created which, if you can overcome, will help you to clearly see where the false in the world lies, once and for all, so that you can easily move yourself away from it and create the space around you to only attract that which matches your inner truth and beliefs. You’re ready to bring our own truth to light and connect truly with your own heart, so that you can know and express what you fully believe, deep down.

It’s difficult with all the noise and chaos of the outside world, along with the memories and thoughts of everything that you’ve been told from a young age, to be able to differentiate between that what you really believe in and what you don’t.

But we all have the power inside of us, by connecting with our intuition, to truly know whether something is or isn’t being spoken with the purpose of our greater good. We don’t need to check facts, we don’t need to check with other people. We only need to check with ourselves. The power is there, inside each and every single person, to be a human lie detector. Even if that person or organisation is telling us something that they really, strongly believe to be the truth, we each have the power to see straight through to the heart that person, to know whether it comes from there or not. We know when someone is telling us the truth or not, because only the heart speaks the truth.

To find and claim power in spotting the false, there is an obstacle to overcome. The obstacle this week, is being able to clearly the best qualities in oneself and others, so that you can know whether something matches up with your desired qualities and truth for the ideal world you envision. If you can see your own best qualities, you can see the truth, because you have an example of what you’re looking for, by looking at the picture of your best self.

It’s a challenge to see ourselves and love our best parts and see what makes us truly whole, but we are reminded this week that we each have a tool which will help us with that. We have our mirrors. 

Each person we come into contact with- friends, family, partners colleagues, the man who spoke to you today at the bus stop- are mirrors. These mirrors help us to spot our own qualities and become aware of what we want to connect with in our lives. We cannot see our truth if we are blocked by another’s false. If you’re struggling to see yourself in your best light, move away from the person who is reflecting that blockage in you and turn to other mirrors, which reflect the qualities you love- the people who make you feel good about yourself. As we learn to spot what makes us feel good in life, we can pinpoint what is false in others, we see where the truth lies and can continue to move in that positive direction, in order to stay true to our own beliefs. We cannot be true if we are surrounded by what doesn’t vibrate and connect with our own truths.

This week there is also the challenge of the father going against us. This does not mean necessarily your own father, but the traditional, deep seated idea of the father which is portrayed in films, television shows and books. The traditional masculine idea of the father as being someone having a lack of interest in making the world a better place and accepting things as they are. In the chaotic world we live in, we constantly seek groundedness so we resonate with the firmness of this idea, believing a lack of change will keep us close to the Earth. 

We have to take ownership of this idea as something we have been holding in our own minds, and only then can we make the decision to move away from it. The father figure in our minds says something along the lines of ‘stay true to our roots, accept the world as it is and grin and bear it to make the most of yourself as an individual, within the society we’ve got.’ However, as we tap into our own desired qualities and become aware of our strengths, we see that change is possible and we do not have to settle for the world we were born into and that settled feeling comes from letting our own beliefs break through. .

As we move away from false ideas and the false projections we receive from other people and move towards our best mirrors, we can change our false image of self into something beautiful and powerful. As we observe that drastic change inside of us, we realise that it’s possible for that change to be made in each and every single person on this earth and that a powerful shift in humanity is possible.

With the thought of change, comes the fear abandoning our old friends. But by making the cut, the truths will stir something in them, because it’s a chain reaction, and they will resonate with your truth, and their own truth will also come out. By making that leap, the chain reaction begins and we find that we’re not abandoning them, but taking them with us.

The message this week is to continue to visualise your ideal world, and you will manifest and be given your power to connect with your own personal truth. The Universe will give us everything we need to make it happen in all kinds of ways. Situations will create themselves this week to make you think about who you truly are, what you believe in and to help you break past all fears and limits to get to where you want to be in the world. Keep focusing on the fact that you’re not going anywhere, but you’re changing the world around you to make it fit your true self. If things feel tough, remember it’s impossible to change the flow of life, without having something to overcome and push that energy in the direction you want it. Be aware of your truth in every situation you find yourself in and remember why you’re here- to learn and make the change we need. Allow others to speak their truths too. If you hold that space open for others, they will hold it open for you. Be thankful for your truth and your gratitude will bring more truth into your life. 

Giving you courage, strength and my own truth…


In the same way that your favourite soap opera has its very own running theme or hot topic every week- the Universe does too. We collectively manifest the issues we want to explore as a whole, so that we can learn and grow as one, and move the world into a higher state of consciousness.

Although we may not see it from the outside, we are all growing together on the inside, and these themes will be played out in different situations that each person finds his or her self in.

Ever heard yourself saying ”Oh I was just talking about that topic the other day’, or noticing that someone else is facing something similar to you at a given time? This is the collective consciousness, all changing the world as one- everyone chipping away at and painting their little corner, to make it beautiful.

At the beginning of each week I tap into what’s going to come up, so that you can look at the bigger picture of your life and find connection and guidance in anything you may be experiencing or feeling alone in.

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