A Solid Stream

Lately I have been wishing that I had someone who would just sit and listen to me talk for about eight to ten solid days. But I don't have that right now and with a baby on the way and wanting to feel at my very best for that moment, time is of the essence, … Continue reading A Solid Stream


This is a quick little lesson on manifesting which I learned this evening. I think there is so much more to manifesting than the 'Think positive and just visualise it' blogs explain to you. I mean, with how complex and deep our minds and the way the world works, it would be conceited for us … Continue reading Manifesting

What to do

I want to jump up and down I want to straighten my hair I want to unglue myself from this seat I want to go and ride the bus and go on an adventure of love I want to write a book I want to cook the biggest dinner in the world I want to … Continue reading What to do