Love ALL of You

I believe that every single person in the whole world deserves the support, tools, space, time and provisions to be able to create the healthy and prosperous life for themselves which they truly, in their heart of hearts, desire. I am working towards helping to make the change in the world where this can be a possibility for each and every person on the planet. I hope that my drop in the ocean makes an incredibly powerful ripple, in order to make this a reality.

I’d love for you to connect and be those drops of water which keep the ripple moving outwards.

I can share my story with you, via my about section; we can do a psychic reading together, to get you moving forwards with the courage and clarity you need on your path; and we can also connect via my blog, where I will send you stories each week, about my adventures, thoughts and theories experienced during my own path.

On top of that, if you’re truly ready to make huge and rapid changes in your world, I can become your coach- to help you create anything you want. My speciality is helping people to create businesses and whole new lives from scratch- finding their inner self love and confidence whilst doing so. Because I’ve been there too, I know how scary it can be to make that jump and leap into the unknown. I feel and remember every single fear and limiting thought of doubt that comes up and I know how to clear them instantly; Thanks to my own story, I know every bit of pain that life can throw at you to propel you into your most wanted and happiest future.

I believe that by connecting with and balancing, the inner male and female counterpart of your soul, you find the love and courage you were always looking for, to be the true, authentic you, which you were born to be. You remember what it is you truly love to be loved for, and there your purpose is discovered. As your inner world grows and you connect deeper with yourself, the outer layers transform, and the beauty you see in the world gives you the inspiration and confidence to do absolutely anything you can imagine.

It happened to me, and I know deeply that we’re all one, so it can all transform incredibly for you too.

I’m so glad you made it here.


Greta did an amazing job. She really connected with my energy and told me things that she couldn’t have known. Simply amazing. A powerful little lady. Get a reading from her- you shall not be disappointed!

Kim Rigby

Greta has an admirable gift of getting – in a pleasant manner – as far as one’s subconscious tangle with her cards and disentangle some points where it has become sclerotic. By doing so, she helps one reflecting upon one’s status quo and identifying strategies for how to make one’s way out of a muddled situation or simply reach one’s objectives. Strong recommendation.

Marc Waldhausen